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These collections of images and videos from our travels, taken by Craig Fast and Emma Field for Overland Traveller, will make you feel as if you were there with us, or at least wish you were...

Valparaiso, Chile © Craig FastVideo - Riding an ascensor, Valparaiso, Chile

Bison at Lake Audy, Manitoba © Craig FastCanada - Riding Mountain National Park

Feeding bee at Hecla Island, Manitoba © Craig FastCanada - Hecla Island & the Interlake

Assiniboine park pavilion, Winnipeg © Craig Fast  Canada - Winnipeg & southern Manitoba

Emma on the Hy-Wire Zipline near Morden, Manitoba © Craig FastVideo - Hy-Wire Zipline, Manitoba, Canada

Viking statue, Gimli © Craig FastCanada - Manitoba's quirky roadside statues

Elk, Jasper © Craig FastCanada - Jasper National Park, Alberta

Totem pole, Horseshoe Bay © Craig FastCanada - British Columbia

Snow-covered trees in Yosemite National Park © Craig FastUSA - Yosemite National Park, California

San Francisco tram © Craig FastUSA - San Francisco, California

Kayaks on a Baja beach © Craig FastMexico - sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez

Baby gray whale spy hopping © Craig FastMexico - Baja whale watching

Harmonium player in Mexcio City © Craig FastMexico - Mexico City & Mazatlan

Temple 1 at Tikal © Craig FastGuatemala - Tikal

Scarlet macaws © Craig FastVideo - scarlet macaws, Honduras

Voilet sabrewing © Craig FastVideo - hummingbirds, Costa Rica

West bay, Roataon © Craig FastHonduras - Roatan & Copan

Emma on the zip line © Craig FastVideo - zip line canopy tour, Costa Rica

Volcan Concepcion © Craig Fast Nicaragua - Isla Ometepe & Granada

Hummingbird in Monteverde © Craig FastCosta Rica - creatures of Monteverde

Rachel on a zip line in Monteverde © Craig FastCosta Rica - landscapes & adventures

Young iguana © Craig FastCosta Rica - creatures of the Caribbean

Strawberry poison-dart frog © Craig FastPanama - Bocas del Toro

Vulture on a rooster in Panama City © Craig FastPanama - Panama City & Boquete

Pink bikes on a Bocas beach © Emma FieldVideo - cycling on Bocas del Toro

Christ the Redeemer © Craig FastSouth America roundup

Giant otter eating a caiman © Craig FastVideo - giant otter eating a caiman

San Blas Islands © Craig FastPanama - San Blas Islands (Kuna Ayala)

Pink umbrella in Cartegena © Craig FastColombia - Bogota & Cartagena

Soldier guarding the Lost City © Craig FastColombia - Lost City trek

Palm trees at night © Craig FastColombia - Tayrona National Park

Wax palms in the Valle de Coroca © Craig FastColombia - Zona Cafetera

Rainbow near Cotopaxi © Craig FastEcuador - Cotopaxi & Quito

Crab on Santa Marianita Beach © Craig FastEcuador - Manta Coast

El Misit looms over Arequipa © Craig FastPeru - twenty favourites

Sea lion © Craig FastPeru - Ballestas Islands, Paracas

Peru - Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail

Chile - San Pedro de Atacama region

Thunder storm over Lake Titicaca © Craig FastBolivia - Northwest

Flamingos © Craig FastBolivia - Southwest

Alpaca in Parque Nacional Lauca © Craig FastChile - Parque Nacional Lauca

Volkswagon in Valparaiso © Craig FastChile - central regions

Classic car wine tour, Mendoza © Craig FastArgentina - twenty favourites

Pantanal Sunset © Craig FastBrazil - twenty favourites

Classic car wine tour, Mendoza © Craig FastArgentina - Mendoza wine country

Tourists at Iguazu Falls © Craig FastArgentina - Iguazu Falls

Brazilian water cobra in the Pantanal © Craig FastVideo - water cobra in the Pantanal

Building in La Bocca neighbourhood © Craig FastArgentina - Buenos Aires

Caiman in the Pantanal © Craig FastBrazil - wildlife of the Pantanal

Iguazu Falls © Craig FastBrazil - Iguazu Falls






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Overland Traveller copyright © Emma Field 2010