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The two month slump: Colca Canyon, Peru (Page 2)

We should have stayed in the hotel, watched television and eaten chocolate. Craig though, being the positive creature that he is, tried to drag us out of the quagmire of self pity we were in. A traveller with a year off work feeling sorry for herself is not an attractive being. I didn’t want to be comforted, least of all reminded of all the positive things in my life. The blue sky, being in the gorge, getting some exercise, the prospect of a pool at the end – meh.

Thing is, you need some low times to be able to appreciate the ups more fully. You can’t be fully stimulated all of the time. I’m not a doctor, have no facts and have done none of my own research into this, but everyone knows what happens to babies whose parents insist on filling their offspring’s early days with baby yoga, baby ballet, baby reading group, baby dressage…: ADHD. I insist that comfortable sofas, chocolate and television are essential for living a full and happy life.

The moral of the story, for me and Craig at least, is that we need to slow down. We're going to avoid too many more night buses. We’re not going to go anywhere we don’t really want to; we’re not going to be swayed into seeing a place just because people rave about it (those people who rave insistently about places are usually only trying to justify their going there anyway - they were probably over-stimulated as children); we’re going to change it up a bit by heading to the coast (Mancora instead of Huarez – it’s rainy season in the mountains); and we’re going to consider the environment more in choosing how and where we travel. Don’t ask me where the last resolution came from – we both just felt a lot better when we started talking about it, clinging to the side of the crappy Colca Canyon, grumpily observing the view not changing as we descended into what may or may not be the second deepest canyon in the world.

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