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Five travel experiences that never get boring (Page 3)

Emma on the Shimla toy train, India © Craig Fast5. Travelling by train

There’s something about sitting on a train and watching the world go by outside that makes me relax. I’m not sure if it’s the gentle rhythm of the tracks or the fact that I know I’m going to be somewhere new very soon, but I never get that same sense of anticipation, combined with a feeling of que sera sera, as when I’m on a train. And then, of course, there are all the people you tend to meet on board.

My most memorable train journeys: Meeting an ex-con on my way from Cardiff (Wales) to Aberdeen (Scotland), the surreal endlessness of the Trans-Mongolian Railway (Russia, Mongolia and China), that rising feeling of excitement on the sleeper from Riga (Latvia) to St Petersburg (Russia), the view from the railway line between Prague (Czech Republic) and Vienna (Austria), sitting on the steps of the slowly-chugging train from Mandalay to Katha (Burma), the Noddy-land peculiarity of the toy train to Shimla (India).

Finally, five travel experiences that get boring very quickly

  1. Museums, churches and temples
  2. National stereotyping
  3. Constant sweating
  4. Dormitories
  5. Getting ripped off

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