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Five travel experiences that never get boring (Page 2)

San Blas Islands, Panama © Craig Fast3. Picture-perfect beaches

Yes, I appreciate that many people get bored silly by the average beach holiday. But I’m not talking about the kind of beaches where hundreds of people spend the day slowly spit-roasting themselves under a glaring sun. And I’m not even necessarily talking about palm-fringed, gold-sand ringed, deserted islands, although obviously they’re nice too. The sight of huge waves pounding on to ragged granite does it for me just as much as watching an aquamarine sea gently sliding up to sugar-sand Caribbean islands. I’m also rather partial to a moody, pebbly beach cowering under storm skies.

My best beaches: San Blas/Kuna Ayala (Panama), Big Sur (California), Isle of Mull (Scotland), Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro), Heddon’s Mouth (Devon, UK), Palolem (India), West Bay (Honduras).

Friendly man in Shimla, India © Craig Fast4. Interesting people

I know I shouldn’t say it, but talking to other travellers is so tedious sometimes. Everyone knows how it goes: what’s your name, where are you from, where are you going, where have you been, unwanted recommendations for places to go, blah blah blah. But there are some people you meet who really make your day by opening your eyes to a whole other world of possibilities. And it makes my world a better place to know that these people exist.

My favourite fellow travellers so far: I’m talking about you, Island-Loving Man, who gets a tattoo in every island he visits, you, Mr Ex-Indonesian Politician, who helped start a revolution, you, Self-Deprecating Human Rights Lawyer with the infectious laugh, and you, Retired French-Canadian Farmer with a penchant for snakes in dangerous places (I mean geographically).

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