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Luxury apartments in Casco Viejo, Panama City’s old town

Best for... comfortable independence.

Casa Sucre B&B © Craig FastPanama City is awash with sparkling new high rise accommodation in brand new communities, each building trying to muscle the others out as it reaches higher into the sky. It makes for a dramatic city skyline, but there is another side to Panama City that appeals to lovers of the old, quirky and community orientated.

Contrasting with the sparkling new city, Panama City has a charming, low-rise old town, Casco Viejo. Although still in the early stages of regeneration it is a fascinating mix of crumbling colonial relics and restored splendour. For a more historic experience a serviced apartment is the best place to stay in the city.

Casa Sucre B&B © Craig FastLos Cuatro Tulipanes is an experienced provider of serviced apartments, with over 20 located within a few-block radius right in the heart of Casco Viejo. Apartments are rented on a nightly basis and come with most amenities typical of a mid-range hotel, including daily maid service.

One such apartment is the newly unveiled Casa Sucre B&B. Very conveniently situated just a few blocks from the heart of Casco Viejo, Casa Sucre B&B’s rooms open onto a shared balcony that overlooks the cobbled streets and small square outside. Like many structures in the area, the building was recently restored and the apartments freshly finished. The décor is warmly simple, with wooden flooring, white walls and thoughtful furniture and fixtures. There is a pleasant inner courtyard to escape from the bustle of the city. Rooms include many pleasing decorative touches, large TV (with some English-language channels), refrigerator, microwave, and air conditioning. Some rooms also have a sofa.

Casa Sucre B&B © Craig FastAlthough the décor in the room was initially pleasing a closer inspection revealed slightly rough edges to the finish of baseboards and the skirting on the bed: disappointing when considering the expected longevity of the quality of the apartments. Rooms vary in size and layout, so ask to see more than one if they are available. Although Casa Sucre includes ‘B&B’ in its title, the second ‘B’, breakfast, was not yet included in the service at the time of our visit. Check when you book.

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