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Hotel La Omaja, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

Best for…basic comfort with a breathtaking view

View from Hotel La Omaja © Craig FastAs you struggle up the steep but mercifully short driveway to Hotel La Omaja you know you are going to be rewarded with a fantastic view. The hotel does not disappoint.

Five spacious cabins, each sleeping up to four people, are carefully positioned throughout the hotel’s ground at the top of a hill, to make the most of the west-facing (read sunset) view across Lake Nicaragua. In the distance, the far shore can just be made out, and to the north Concepción Volcano rises majestically. Behind the hotel slumbers Volcano Maderas.

This was a hotel built by someone who knows how to chillax. While the inside of my large cabin was basic (2 double and two single beds with sheets and mosquito nets, bedside table, fan, small en suite with stingingly hot shower) and seemed a little tired, the covered veranda had a choice of rocking chair, wooden deck chair or hammock from which to savour the view. Other cabins come with air conditioning and television.

Hotel La Omaja cabin © Craig FastIt was a short walk to the hotel bar and restaurant. And a surprisingly short wait for food and drinks (the rest of Isla de Ometepe runs on “island time”). The menu lists a choice of western and Nicaraguan dishes. Breakfast options include a fruit plate, French toast with bacon, eggs or cereal.

Hotel La Omaja is within walking distance of the shores of Lake Nicaragua – perfect for a refreshing dip after a sweaty trek or kayak, or on truly hot days, simply sitting and breathing! A member of the hotel staff is always on hand to show you the way as the path can be difficult to find – while it is a public right of way, it looks like it goes through people’s private properties. The friendly owner, Jamie (unsurprisingly from Omaha, USA), can help organise various activities around the island.

Hotel La Omaja
Merida, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua
Tel:(505) 8885 1124

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