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Residencia en el Cerro, Valparaiso

Best for… comfort and cat lovers.

Residencia en el Cerro © Craig FastTucked away down a carless, colourful alleyway up on a hill in Cerro Concepcion, this family-run affair feels like a cross between a country home and an institute for the mentally unstable. And I mean that in a good way.

Large, brightly painted rooms are filled with well-padded sofas, chairs and bookshelves. There are two computers for free internet as well as wifi. A large television is accompanied by a DVD collection with films in English and Spanish. The décor is gloriously and charmingly eclectic: old-fashioned telephones, pick-up-sticks, typewriters, trunks and briefcases, old radio clocks… Cats are everywhere, and they like to be stroked.

Double rooms are available. I stayed in the 10-bed dorm, home to the comfiest bed of my hostelling life so far. The draught that blows through the ground floor makes the soft, snugly duvets extra welcome – Valparaiso is very windy. Although the bunk beds wobble at the mere hint the person above/below might be about to roll over, the mattresses are firm enough to suggest actual springs.

The toilets and showers are clean, warm and have plenty of hooks – a facility oddly lacking in many other well-thought-out hostels. The kitchen is cosy, bright and well equipped. Breakfast is served on an individual basis: freshly squeezed orange juice, warm bread rolls, butter, jam and coffee or tea.

All in all, a friendly, affordable affair in an area of Valparaiso that’s delightful enough in itself and within walking distance of the sea.

Residencia en el Cerro
Pasje Pierre Loti 51, between Abtao and Pilcomayo, Cerro Conception, Valparaiso, Chile
Tel: (+56) 032 2495 298

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