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Hotel La Cúpula, Copacabana

La Cupola enviable domes © Craig FastBest for… laid-back flashpackers.

You can see straight away that La Cúpulaa is different to most of the other hotels and hostels in Copacabana.

For a start, it’s immaculately finished. White domes and gently arched windows adorn the steep hillside above Lake Titicaca that La Cúpula calls home. There’s a welcome attention to detail, with radiators in cosy rooms, duvets on the beds and a kitchen with free tea and coffee for guests to enjoy. When it’s not raining (I visited at the start of the rainy season and was treated to some incredible thunderstorms), hammocks swing in the carefully tended gardens.

The quirky honeymoon suite also has a hammock with a view. Honeymooners can watch the changing skies over Lake Titicaca from their hammock in a private, glass-walled room. Many of the other rooms have views across vast Lake Titicaca, as does the highly recommended restaurant. Unlike many hotel restaurants, prices aren’t over-inflated and eating here is an absolute treat: trout is a speciality.

It’s too easy to spend all your days here revelling in the unpretentious, relaxed hotel grounds. To do so would be a shame though. The centre of Copacabana is a short, if steep, walk away but those venturing downhill are rewarded with cosy cafes, bright souvenir shops and a beautiful cathedral. Those with thighs of steel can climb Cerro Calvario, which peaks at 3,966m just behind La Cúpula, for breathtaking views of Lake Titicaca, Copacabana and Isla del Sol. Numerous treks lead out from the town (get a map from reception) and walking the length of nearby Isla del Sol makes a great day trip.

Halfway between a hotel and hostel, the range of guests at La Cúpula is something of a rarity. From newlyweds on an off-the-beaten track honeymoon to middle-aged couples, young families and backpackers looking for a mid-trip treat, everyone finds something to love about this place.

Hotel La Cúpula
Calle Michel Perez 1-3, Copacabana, Bolivia
Tel: (+591) 2862 2029

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