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15 things to do on Isle de Ometepe (page 2)

Sunset over Isla de Ometepe © Craig Fast
Hire a local guide to lead you on a hike up Maderas Volcano, where you can swim in the crater.

4. Experience the island’s village life and explore by bicycle.

5. Stay in an eco hotel, such as Hotel Finca del Sol (mid range), Totoco (high-end) or El Zopilote (budget).

6. Swim off one of Lake Nicaragua’s many beaches.

7. Go twitching in one of the island’s many birding hotspots, including the River Istian.

8. See some of the island’s many petroglyphs.

9. Hike to the lookout of Maderas Volcano for great views of Concepción.

10. Fish in Lake Nicaragua.

11. Swim in Ojo de Agua, a natural pool of running mineral water.

12. Visit Finca Magdelana’s organic coffee farm.

13. Hike to San Ramon waterfall, and cool off under the fall.

14. Drive a motorbike around the island.

15. Check out the museum and graveyard statues of Atagracia.

Your hotel should be able to arrange your activities on Isla de Ometepe.

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