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Sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico (Page 3)

Honeymoon Cove, Sea of Cortez © Craig FastAccommodation (continued)
Toilets are always top of everyone’s list of questions when it comes to trips like this. To put your curious mind at ease, it wasn’t an issue. We had a portable toilet which was located in a hidden-away spot (usually with a great view) in each evening camp spot.

We never kayaked for more that three hours at a time. The days usually consisted of coffee/tea, breakfast, pack up, kayak to lunch spot, activities such as swimming, snorkelling or hiking, lunch, more kayaking, set up camp, snack and evening cocktail with board games and general chit chat, dinner and then bed.

Where we kayaked to each day depended largely on the weather. The guides received a weather report each morning at 8am via radio and our route was adjusted accordingly.

Kayaking in front of the Sierra de la Giganta © Craig FastSafety
Safety was taken very seriously, as you’d expect from an award-winning company such as Sea Kayak Adventures (National Geographic loves these guys, and quite rightly). The kayaks were top quality. Obviously life jackets were provide and worn at all times. The expedition began with a lesson on the basics of paddling and a thorough review of safety procedures. We didn't leave shore until everyone felt comfortable. And when the afore-mentioned capsize occurred (which, I must reassure you, is extremely rare) it was dealt with quickly and efficiently – the guides even retrieved the bedraggled but nonetheless exhilarated capsizers’ water bottles.

Overland Traveller travelled with Sea Kayak Adventures in March 2010.

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