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The Canadian passing through the Rocky Mountains © VIA RailIn search of freshwater bull sharks: kayaking Isla de Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua

My announcement that I wanted to see a bull shark was met with nervous laughter. “You’re more likely to see a caiman,” said my kayaking guide, Eric, “and I know what I’d rather take my chances with.” If you believe the legends, Lake Nicaragua used to churn with the fins and gnashing teeth of the notoriously aggressive bull sharks, known locally... read more

Emma on the Hy-wire zipline, Manitoba © Craig FastCanada by train: mountains, lakes, clouds and bears
Canada is immense. The second largest country in the world, Canada spans six time zones and is nearly 70 times bigger than England. In short, travelling across this enormous, sparsely populated... read more

Emma on the Hy-wire zipline, Manitoba © Craig FastZiplining in Manitoba, Canada: Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures
Everything you've heard about Manitoba, forget it. Odds are, you haven't actually heard anything about Manitoba, but if you ask someone who does know a little something about Canada's middlest province... read more

Moose crossing, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba © Craig FastRiding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada
Manitoba: flat, dull and cold, right? Wrong! Riding Mountain National Park straddles the hilly Manitoba Escarpment. Fescue grasslands, boreal forests, aspen parkland and groves of maple.... read more

Marsh on Hecla Island © Craig Fast Hecla Island photo story, Manitoba, Canada
Ever heard of Hecla Island? Neither have most people from beyond Manitoba's borders. Overland Traveller spent three spring days discovering what this relatively unknown island... read more

Lighthouse on Hecla Island © Craig FastA brief introduction to Hecla Island
Protruding into the vast waters of Lake Winnipeg, one of the world’s largest lakes, Hecla Island contains some of Manitoba’s most unique culture, wildlife and scenery. Located north of Winnipeg... read more

Kayakers on the Sea of Cortez © Craig FastSea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Why go? Where do I start? So many reasons: the blow-your-mind sea to mountainous desert views; the whopping array of wildlife; that oh-so-close to nature feel; propelling yourself across... read more

Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador © Craig FastFive travel experiences that never get boring
When you’ve been on the road a while things can start to get a little…repetitive. I don’t mean to say that travelling gets dull, just that it takes a little more to excite you. It’s like being a junkie (I imagine)... read more

Kayaking Isla de Ometepe © Craig Fast15 things to do on Isla de Ometepe
By rights, Nicaragua's Isla de Ometepe should be the setting for hundreds of films. Its remarkable appearance would be the perfect backdrop to fantasies, folkloric romances and horrors. Luckily... read more

Kuna Ayala (Sand Blas islands) © Craig FastHow to travel between Colombia and Panama
Overland journeys are all well and good when it comes to drawing a big, long and oh-so-satisfying line on a map, but that line often skates over the realities of what is actually on the ground... read more

Parque Nacional Lauca © Craig Fast24 hours in Casco Viejo, Panama City
Panama City’s old town, Casco Viejo, is a captivating den of historic buildings and European-style plazas imbued with over three centuries of atmosphere and intrigue. As the first European... read more

Parque Nacional Lauca © Craig FastKnow before you go - Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) trek
Steep climbs, slippery mud, river crossings and venomous creepy crawlies – the trek to Colombia’s Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) is challenging, even without knowing exactly what to expect.... read more

Parque Nacional Lauca © Craig FastFive alternatives to South America’s top destinations
1. Forget the Amazon, go to the Pantanal, Brazil - The Amazon is an irresistible draw for tourists in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, but most... read more

Machu Picchu, reward for the Inca Trail © Craig FastResponsible travel on the Inca Trail
In 2003 the number of people admitted to the Inca Trail each day was limited to 500 under Peruvian law. That total includes porters, who make up around 300 of the allotted trekkers. Since then... read more

Sea lion © Craig FastBoat trip to the Ballestas Islands: the poor man's Galapagos
Whilst thousands of tourists pay thousands of dollars to visit Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, fewer know about the Ballestas Islands, located off the south coast of Pisco, Peru. Not only does a visit to the Ballestas... read more

Bonito Municipal Park © Craig FastRiver swimming in Bonito, Brazil
Tucked away in the south of the Pantanal, not far from Brazil’s border with Paraguay, is a small town called Bonito. The main draw to this little-known area is the unique opportunity to... read more

Crotch dangling on an Argentine night bus © Craig FastThe Ten Commandments for night bus travellers
1. Thou shalt not snore. Especially if you’re sitting behind me, which you usually are.
2. Thou shalt not answer... read more

Grumpy in Colca Canyon, Peru © Craig FastThe two month slump: Colca Canyon, Peru
There comes a time in every traveller’s trip where over-stimulation strikes and nothing short of a trip to the moon can raise more than a cynical eyebrow. It’s like a drug addict... read more

The world's most dangerous road © Gravity AssistedThe world's most dangerous road, by bike and bus
The most dangerous road in the world. Been there. Done that. Literally got the t-shirt. A ride down the world’s most dangerous road (also known as Death Road, Grove's Road, Coroico Road... read more

Alpaca in Parque Nacional Lauca © Craig FastChile’s Route 11: one of the world’s most scenic drives
Chile’s Route 11 winds for 190km through countless climatic zones from the Panamerican Highway at sea level to the dizzying heights of the Bolivian border at 4,500m
... read more

Vintage car at Familia Zuccardi vineyard © Craig FastWine tasting in a vintage car, Mendoza

Most vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina’s famous wine-producing region, offer wine tasting and winery tours. Mendoza’s climate is sunny and dry for most of the year, with... read more

Annette on Rue Mouffetard © Emma FieldParis by Vespa

It’s ridiculously easy to reach Paris from London nowadays, but once you get there it’s harder to work out how to get around. Metro, taxi, bus, on foot – all have their pros and cons... read more

Iguazu Falls, Argentina © Craig FastIguazu Falls: Brazil vs Argentina
Dividing Brazil and Argentina in spectacular fashion, Iguazu Falls toss 1,500m3 of water over a horseshoe-shaped drop of 80 metres every second. The 275 cataracts stretch for 2.7 km across... read more

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro © Craig FastSuggested itinerary: two weeks nature and wildlife in Brazil

With only two weeks in the world’s fifth largest country, you need to plan your route carefully. This itinerary will give you a taste of the wildlife and nature on offer in Southern Brazil... read more

Jonny Indiano in the Pantanal © Craig FastTouring the Pantanal with the world’s most hardcore guide
I bequeath the title of ‘World’s Most Hardcore Tour Guide’ to Jonny Indiano, the man who introduced me to the flora and fauna of the Pantanal over three extraordinary days
... read more

Hand gliding launch over Rio de Janeiro © Craig FastHang gliding in Rio de Janeiro
I was relieved to see my hang gliding instructor, Mauro, had a generous sprinkling of grey hairs on his head. I wasn’t about to put my life in the hands of a wet-behind-the-ears cowboy
... read more

Eurostar train at St. Pancras Station in London © Emma FieldThe Overland Traveller overland travel checklist
Preparing to travel overland is an exercise in downsizing. You have to carry everything you need but you need to be prepared for everything. Dodgy bus? No problem, I’ll use my chain to secure my bag
... read more

Local bus in Rajasthan, India © Craig FastEssential items for Indian transport
Getting around India can be something of a bi-polar experience. Generally, the sleeper trains are comfortable with blankets provided; other trains and buses can be nightmarish. Here’s my list of recommended items... read more

Sign on the Fortu La  © Emma FieldTravelling the road from Leh to Srinagar, Kashmir: a photo diary
The journey from Leh to Srinagar takes you from desert to lush valleys, from a Buddhist region to an Islamic one. The road hugs deep gorges, traverses mountain passes, comes under enemy fire and winds... read more

On coming bus at the Khardung La © Craig FastThe roads of Himalayan north India
I used to pride myself on being fearless when it came to travel. I would happily sit helmetless and jammed behind two or three others on a moped and weave through the impatient traffic... read more

Ledo train station in Assam © Craig FastDriving Assam: oil and war
The drive from tea-centric Dibrugarh to India’s oil capital Digboi and war-history-heavy Ledo passes through scenery so verdant and fertile I swear I could see the earth swell as it heaved in great lungfuls... read more

Rafting on the Zanskar river © Craig FastWhite-water rafting on the Zanskar River: a near-death experience
Believe it or not, the drive to the launch spot was scarier than the white-water rafting itself, and we even flipped the raft. That’s not to say rafting on the Zanskar doesn’t get the adrenaline... read more

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