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Know before you go - Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) trek, Colombia (Page 2)

River crossing © Craig FastSleeping arrangements
I was told a choice of bed or hammock every night and thought that too good to be true. I was right. Our group had hammocks the first and last nights, proper dormitory style bunk beds for the second and fourth nights and slept two to a mattress on the floor at the Lost City. Adequate mosquito nets were provided. Other groups slept in hammocks throughout except for night three.  From February 2010, most trekkers will spend night three in a new, 200-bed cabaňa located 45 minutes from the Lost City, meaning the trek will follow the same path but take five days instead of six.

Medical provisions
Our guide did not carry a first aid kit. Take your own and make sure it’s stocked with painkillers, bandages, antihistamines, plasters, blister patches, anti-diarrhoeals and antiseptic cream.

Swimming holes
One of the many highlights of the Lost City trek is ending (and starting) the day with a plunge into a crystal-clear swimming hole. There are excellent swimming holes for nights one, two, four and five – think deep, sun-dappled water pools with rocks to jump off – and the chance to swim in the ‘Fountain of Youth’ at the Lost City in the morning on day four.

Trekkers © Craig FastToilet and shower facilities
There are toilets at all camps. Bring your own toilet paper but remember to throw it in the bin provided rather than flush it. Basic, cold showers are available on nights two, three and four.

Guides and tour operators
English-speaking guides are difficult to find. If you have a bilingual trekker in your group, ask them if they mind playing the role of translator. Turcol have been running treks to the Lost City for nearly 20 years and used to have the monopoly on treks. Nowadays Magic Tours and Sierra Tours also run regular trips. They all have very similar itineraries and standards.

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