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Omnik marsh, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba © Craig FastActivities (continued)

Restaurants and shops line the quaint streets of this tourist-orientated town. The Interpretative Centre, on Wasagaming near Main Beach, is the place to go for information on wildlife hotspots and the huge variety of activities.

The cosy Whitehouse Bakery on Buffalo, just behind the Tempo petrol station (which also rents bikes and quads), was built in 1935 and serves slap-up breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps and burgers as well as a yummy range of homemade cakes and buns.

The Boardwalk, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba © Emma FieldThe Boardwalk contains a snack bar, a bewildering array of ice cream and an old-fashioned milkshake maker. Stock up on sweet things before you stroll along the beach.


The four-star Elkhorn Ranch is within walking distance of Wasagaming. It has spacious rooms and chalets, both with fireplaces and balconies. The Solstice Spa soothes guests’ aching limbs after a hard day of trekking or horseback riding. Kids are treated to an adventure playground with a view of the horses in the field. Food is available from the restaurant and the lounge bar.

Holiday cottages, rooms and camping are available in town. There are also campsites throughout Riding Mountain National Park.

For more information see Travel Manitoba, Parks Canada and Discover Clear Lake.

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