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A brief introduction to Hecla Island, Manitoba (page 2)

Lighthouse at Gull Harbour © Craig Fast

With over 200 species of birds, including Hecla Island is a birder’s paradise. 200 species of bird including belted kingfishers (Canada’s only species of kingfisher), cormorants, grebes, red-winged blackbirds, grackles, Canadian geese (of course), ring-necked ducks, phoebes, loons and American white pelicans, Canada’s largest birds. On the ground, keep your eyes peeled for moose (the island has a healthy population of approximately 30 of the creatures), foxes, black and brown bear, wolf, beaver and a variety of (noisy) frogs.

Radisson Hecla Oasis Resort is the island’s top hotel. (Read review of Raddison Hecla Oasis Resort.) Gull Harbour Campground offers all the usual amenities. In Hecla Village, Solmundson Gesta Hús has four rooms. The Lighthouse Inn in Gull Harbour has motel rooms and holiday cottages for hire.

Getting there
Highway 8 leads directly to the northernmost point of the island. A car is essential; Hecla is a two hour drive from Winnipeg. Break up the journey with side trips to Gimli, the River Road scenic route and the Narcisse snake dens (spring and autumn). Watch out for quirky roadside statues in the Interlake towns along the way. Once there, you can drive, hike or bike. In winter, snowshoes, cross country skis and snowmobiles are the order of the day.

For more information visit Hecla Tourism Association and Travel Manitoba.

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