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Ziplining in Manitoba, Canada: Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures (Page 2)

Paul, walking between ziplines © Craig FastThe absolute best thing about ziplining here is that you are allowed to become an aerial acrobat, if only in your own eyes. Nothing is banned. You can twist, turn, spin and, best all, turn upside down to add an extra buzz to the activity. Now, I’ve ziplined before but never have I done it inverted. Take it from me; you can’t beat it. Yes, the views across the cloud forests of Costa Rica might be better, but the spirit flies freer in Manitoba!

Views from the wires, if you can calm yourself enough to take them in, are of treetops, the Pembina Valley and beyond that, the prairies. Ziplining here is more than an adrenaline fix; it’a unique sightseeing tour. Some walking is involved, but anyone of moderate fitness will cope. Those who might struggle with the first 10 minute uphill trek can pay an extra C$5 for a lift in a golf cart.

Emma on the Hy-wire zipline, Manitoba © Craig FastThere are plans for two more cables of 1500ft and 800ft in 2010. Go now, before everyone has done it, as surely everyone in their right minds will.

Watch video of our Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures experience.

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