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Hecla Island Evening Expedition

Marsh on West Quarry Trail, Hecla Island © Craig Fast

Hecla Oasis Resort’s on-site naturalist is Dr Heather Hinam. She knows everything worth knowing about the island’s flora, fauna and natural cycles; not only is she a trained ornithologist (her doctoral thesis was on owls) but she’s been a regular visitor to the island since she was two years old. Heather leads guided walks for hotel guests.

We joined her for an Evening Expedition and meander along the West Quarry Trail, accompanied by a deafening chorus of birds and frogs. The trail took us to a marsh where we indulged in a spot of bird watching and, with Heather’s help, identified a belted kingfisher (Canada’s only species of kingfisher), cormorants, grebes, red-winged blackbirds, grackles, Canadian geese (of course), ring-necked ducks and phoebes.

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