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Iguazu Falls: Brazil vs Argentina (Page 2)

Iguazu Falls, Argentina © Craig FastAllow at least half a day to take in the view. Consider staying for a full day if you want to go on a boat trip or take part in any of the other activities on offer. Helicopter rides can be arranged in Foz do Iguaçu. Take waterproofs if you don’t want to get too wet.

Iguazu Falls from Argentina
About two thirds of Iguaza Falls are in Argentina and this side offers the chance to get up close and personal with the thundering Falls. A number of paths wind through the forest below the Falls; the Upper and Lower Trails lead you on a merry chase across the top of the Falls and deep into the spray beneath them. The Green Train of the Jungle carries you to a nerve-wracking footway that leads across the water up to the top edge of the Devil’s Throat, where the power of the Falls is hypnotic.

Devil's Throat, Argentina © Craig FastAllow a full day to fully experience everything Argentine Iguazú National Park has to offer. Bring a towel, plastic bag to waterproof your camera and a change of clothes if you intend to immerse yourself in the spray (and I recommend you do!).

Best time to visit
Iguazu Falls can be seen any time of the year. Spring, shortly after the rainy season, is the most spectacular time to visit. Temperatures and humidity are bearable but some boat trips and hiking trails may be unavailable due to the high water levels. Summer is very hot and humid and water levels are lower in winter.

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