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Iguazu Falls: Brazil vs Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina © Craig FastDividing Brazil and Argentina in spectacular fashion, Iguazu Falls toss 1,500m3 of water over a horseshoe-shaped drop of 80 metres every second. The 275 cataracts stretch for 2.7 km across the Rio Iguazu making Iguazu wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara. No photographs can prepare you for this awesome display of nature’s might.

Known as Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil and Cataratas del Iguazú in Argentina the Falls must be seen from both sides of the border to get the most out of this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Argentina and Brazil both have National Parks alongside the Falls and both are very well organised with plenty of activities, including boat trips and hikes.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil © Craig FastThe undisputed star of the show is the Devil’s Throat. This almighty 260º display of tumbling water throws spray high above the top of the falls and can be seen from both sides although the Argentine side allows you to get much closer.

How to see Iguazu Falls
Allow at least two days. Start in Brazil and admire the Falls in all their panoramic glory then cross the border into Argentina (it’s an easy border crossing via a bridge that has views of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay) to spend a day wandering in and out of the spray. Make sure you have any visas in advance. (UK nationals do not need visas for Brazil or Argentina. Canadians and Americans need visas for Brazil.)

Iguazu Falls, Brazi l© Craig FastIguazu Falls from Brazil
Brazil offers the best panoramas of Iguazu Falls, meaning the photo opportunities are endless and addictive. Go in the morning for the best light. The Brazilian tourist complex overlooks the Falls from across the river. A path runs the length of the Falls slowly revealing more and more of the majesty of the torrent as you follow it. Eventually you arrive at a platform that leads over the section of the Falls under Brazilian jurisdiction, near the Devil’s Throat.

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