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Overland Traveller is dedicated to finding the world’s most astounding journeys.

That means experiencing every kind of transport imaginable, embracing the hardships and highs that go hand-in-hand with independent travel and exploring the world thoroughly, including the bits others leave out. It may be a cliché, but we really do reckon the journey is as important as the destination.

Emma Field: creator, owner, editor and writer

Emma FieldA fan of overland travel since birth (the only way her mum could get her to settle was to spike her milk with whiskey and take her for a drive), in Emma’s world not only are trains, buses and boats cheaper and greener than aeroplanes, they’re also more gratifying, satisfying and rewarding. According to this anti-air crusader, when it comes to getting there, taking your time and watching the landscape evolve in front of your eyes beats arriving quickly, but jet lagged and unacclimatised, every time.

Emma has InterRailed around Europe (15 destinations in a month – never again), driven the length of Britain on numerous occasions and travelled solo from Holland to Singapore by train, bus, boat, bike, camel, horse, Russian Minivan UAZ- 452, rat-infested ferry, ant-infested coach and a pickup truck popular with careless frog traders…  She has also hitch-hiked her way across Norway, had fruitless arguments with Marrakechi taxi drivers, paced the streets of New York City, kayaked the lakes of Manitoba, piggy-backed over the floods Myanmar, made good use of relocation deals to explore the islands of New Zealand and, in a sick twist to the overland travel theme, gone underground to lead guided tours of Moscow’s Metro.

Previously editorial assistant, travel domain specialist, commissioning editor and acting head of editorial (obviously in that order and not all at once) for Columbus Travel Media , Emma has plenty of experience of writing and editing for the web. She has also written for Exmoor: The Country Magazine, alternative wedding magazine Black Meringue and done numerous hotel reviews for www.ahotelinitaly.com. She is writing about her travels on www.thetraveleditor.com

Basically, she has managed to scrape a living out of her love of travel (armchair or otherwise) and plans to continue doing so. Despite, or arguably because of, being on the road, Emma is currently available for freelance writing and editing projects.

Craig Fast: photgrapher and general techy guy

Craig FastOverland Traveller would not be here without the help of Craig. A quick-learning Canadian, Craig taught himself Dreamweaver so he could pass his website-building skills on to Emma. So far this hasn’t happened, but he has managed to build two websites to showcase his photography. The vast majority of images you see on this website are courtesy of Craig Fast Photography. Craig is available for photography assignments.

A veteran traveller and patient teacher, Craig has been wandering the globe since 1994 when his Winnipeg school took him to Costa Rica. Thrilled by the actual existence of mountains and sea, prairie-boy Craig spent the next two years flipping eggs to earn enough to take him to Europe. Since then he’s snooped around more than his fair share of countries, commendably without feeling the need to sew the Canadian Maple Leaf onto his backpack. His specialist subject is mountain heights, no doubt an inevitable by-product of the endless skies and flat horizons of Manitoba, but professionally, he knows how to hammer information in to young brains and has a knack for producing great photographs, although Emma wishes he would lay off the bird-head theme for a while.

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