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Emma and a buffalo in Chandelao village © Craig Fast

Overland Traveller was created by me, writer and editor Emma Field.

In July 2009 I travelled India's border areas and then from Brazil to Canada without setting foot in an aeroplane. I am one of The Travel Editor’s most-viewed authors, with nearly 70,000 page views and 92 fans. I have been published in The Independent Traveller, Get Lost!, Metro, Toronto Star, Black Meringue(an alternative bridal magazine), Exmoor the Country Magazine, www.stanfords.co.uk, www.gapdaemon.com and www.worldtravelguide.net and am the author of online guides to Manitoba, Cusco, India and Bath. In a successful bid to help and amuse other travellers, I established the Overland Traveller website and blog.

Besides writing, I specialise in editing, project management, social media and websites. I am available for commissions and contracts. I write about travel (obviously), lifestyle, weddings, chocolate and anything else that catches my rather discerning eye.

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In search of freshwater bull sharks: kayaking Isla de Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua

My announcement that I wanted to see a bull shark was met with nervous laughter. “You’re more likely to see a caiman,” said my kayaking guide, Eric, “and I know what I’d rather take my chances with.” If you believe the legends, Lake Nicaragua used to churn with the fins and gnashing teeth of the notoriously... read more

The Canadian passing through the Rocky Mountains © VIA RailCanada by train: mountains, lakes, clouds and bears

Canada is immense. The second largest country in the world, Canada spans six time zones and is nearly 70 times bigger than England. In short, travelling across this enormous, sparsely populated country is daunting. Thank the gods of luxury travel then, for VIA Rail. In this nation where drive-through ATMs are de rigour and the car is king... read more

Brazil to Canada overland
Americas mapOverland Traveller has just completed one of the world's most epic overland journeys.

We like to think of it as the Pan-American Highway, with twists. Between October 2009 and May 2010, OT travelled from Brazil to Canada via Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and the USA. In a final flourish, OT travelled east across Canada by train, from Vancouver to Winnipeg to finish triumphant, albeit poor, battered and broken.

Why the Americas? Because it’s one of the longest overland journeys you can do! Overland Traveller has already travelled from Holland to Singapore overland, which is about as far as you can travel, latitudinally speaking, and this longitudinal epic was the obvious next adventure.

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